Large chemical fiber, medium chemical fiber (imitation Dahua), the difference between small chemical fiber

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Large chemical fiber:
Short fiber spun or melt spun by PET
Features, good color, batch number, strong stability, less defects, good spinnability.
Medium chemical fiber (imitation):
With other PET or with PET back to the material, the quality of the price between the large and small ~ ~ (some of the major textile plant for the use of large and blended to enhance competitiveness)
Small chemical fiber: with PET back to the spinning, the price and quality of the uneven, suitable for national conditions, and exports to some quality requirements are not too high in the market and areas (such as filler, etc.)
Generally speaking, with short fiber slice spinning or melt direct spinning it without what defects, fiber uniform thickness, smooth surface, feel more smooth (but see what the use of short fiber, crude generation of differentiated silicon and non silicon) by hand pulling, the general strength of good chip spinning large, batch number, without color, uniform physical index. General small chemical fiber production, or is produced by the use of renewable raw materials in short fiber small batch, no big algebraic feel equally good (chemical treated except) many flaw, occasionally uneven thickness, ultra long exist, the physical indexes of conventional renewable materials do slightly worse (strength.).
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