space dye、Period of color yarn

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Duan Caisha is the choice of more than two kinds of raw materials(color)roving,adding color yarn device in spinning machine,a roving roving as the main body of the continuous feeding,another auxiliary intermittent feeding roving yarn,resulting in the formation of color,color,bamboo single yarn.During the production,the middle and rear rollers are driven by a single motor:the roller is fed continuously,and the rear roller is intermittently fed.

Refers to the different color dye dyeing section two or more than two in a skein of yarn or fabric.The product is novel and unique,the dyed yarn is woven into the fabric style has been a fundamental breakthrough,so favored by the majority of consumers.For section stained yarn:cotton,polyester,acrylic,viscose staple fiber filament,cotton fiber,rayon,polyester yarn,wool yarn,nylon yarn,nylon staple fiber and filament yarn,can be used to do some dyeing dyes:reactive dyes,acid dyes,disperse dyes,paints etc..The method of segment dyeing can be mechanical segment dyeing or original manual dyeing.The mechanical segment can be divided into two types:direct and indirect.

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