Definition of color spun yarn Characteristics of color spun yarn

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Definition of color spun yarn

Characteristics of color spun yarn

Definition of color spun yarn

Color spun yarn is made of two or more fibers of different colors, and has a unique color effect.


characteristics of color spun yarn

Our products are suitable for all kinds of knitted and woven sweater. Color spun yarn can be used in sportswear, casual wear, children's wear, business wear, shirts, underwear, socks and towel, decorative cloth , home textile products. One of the most attractive point is no pollution, people can safely wear, and little color difference.

The yarn is dyed first and then blended with the original fiber. In the production process than the traditional dyeing process can save about 50% of water, reduce waste water about 50%, in energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection has obvious advantages.


Color, yarn

Color yarn use melt direct spinning, colored polyester staple fibers (without dyeing), blended with different fibers, or spun directly into yarn, in environmental protection has a subversive advantage, basically complete the production process without pollution, can save about 95% of water, reduce sewage about 95%. unique color matching technology, in the color mixing fiber has high content of science and technology, Development many industry-leading core technology, has a number of invention patents. There are ring spinning, siro spinning, compact siro spinning, which continuously introduce new products in color, material and technology, and enrich the product system.



There are many kinds of products, such as T / CC/ TT/ R and so on. Mixing color evenly, natural surface smooth and soft.



12 color series, 9 product lines, more than 2000 varieties, and can be customized by customers


Product series:

TC/TT / CT / RT / C / RT/ A and multi-functionalcolored sewing thread

Count: 10S-60S (10S/2-60S/2)

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