Colored yarn relevant market quotation

publishdate:2017-09-25    views:437

The cotton yarn market trading volume changes, a steady rise in the price trend; 32S +40D cotton spandex wrapped yarn downstream demand increase, mainly for the production of elastic cotton polyester cotton yarn market varieties. Jin was rising. In steady state 65/35,32s/2,40s trading volume viscose yarn is acceptable, prices changed little. Varieties the price trend of steady state, pure polyester yarn, 45s market volume is acceptable. Staple price consolidation trend, the current market price at 9000 yuan / ton. Cotton product prices are stable, cotton yarn Market 30s, 40s sales is not bad, mainly for local jet diamond cotton fabric production, the price of viscose staple fiber the transient stability trend, the average price of 16200 yuan / ton. The market outlook is expected to continue to adjust a yarn market consolidation.

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