Colored yarn relevant market quotation

publishdate:2017-09-27    views:456

Cotton yarn prices were “rise slowly”trading volume is still concentrated in the 32S, 40s, the main jet brocade cotton series production requirements better. Polyester cotton trading volume decline, prices stable adjustment. Volume of 40s/2 viscose yarn prices continue to rise, there is no change. Pure polyester yarn market is steady rising trend of pure polyester yarn 21s go on the market compared to general cargo, 45s trading volume is acceptable, is mainly used for the production of polyester cotton series, polyester staple fiber prices trend is stronger in Pansheng state, the market price between 9000-9050 yuan / ton. Dynamic sales field 30s cotton yarn market, is mainly used for the production of diamond cotton fabrics, cotton yarn of other specifications market trading volume is small, prices are temporarily stable state. The price of viscose staple fiber in the steady state, the market price of around 16200 yuan /T. People will also have the cotton market outlook is expected to moderate adjustment of the market trend.

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