Colored yarn relevant market quotation

publishdate:2017-10-16    views:551

Cotton yarn overall market trend upward shocks from individual varieties, sales, cotton yarn 32S needs better, more light. Other specifications of blended yarn of viscose yarn products prices remained stable, but the volume is small; the individual specifications of polyester cotton yarn prices rise slightly. Cotton yarn market performance, 30s trading volume is large, the market of viscose the staple price consolidation, the current average price between 16150-16200 yuan / ton. The pure polyester yarn market continued to show the trend of consolidation, pure polyester yarn 45s were better than other product specifications. PSF specifications for 1.4D x 38mm price stability adjustment, market center, priced at around 8900 yuan / ton. The market outlook is expected to be dominated by yarn Market Volatility adjustment.

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