Yarn-Dyed / polyester staple Fiber related market

publishdate:2018-07-24    views:659


Today, Polyester Category:PTA spot Price 6 206 ,MEG spot Price He - , Polyester staple fiber price 8830, imitation Dahua price - - , the current polyester staple fiber load, Polyester staple stock index 3 days, polyester raw material costs rose ,PTA prices rose sharply,MEG Price shocks rise, polyester staple fiber price shocks rise. Yarn Category: Polyester cotton products prices continue to stabilize, but the deal is light. Polyester viscose Yarn Market stability adjustment. Pure polyester yarn Individual varieties price up, the current pure polyester yarn 45s sales better than other specifications products. Yarn load . 4 , inventory index 17.2 days. Color spinning or order-oriented, the market continues to be out of stock status.

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