Market situation of Color spinning / Polyester staple Fiber

publishdate:2018-07-30    views:703
Today, polyester type PTA spot price 6630% Meg spot price 7720, polyester staple fiber price 9250, imitation big price 8025, current polyester staple fiber load 92, polyester staple fiber inventory index 3.5 days, polyester raw material cost rise 374% PTA price rise sharply Meg price rise slightly. Polyester staple fiber prices rose sharply. Yarn category: polyester cotton yarn prices in the consolidation state, polyester yarn series prices remain stable. Pure polyester yarn market in the price of individual varieties of stable prices, trading volume is OK. Yarn load 64.9, inventory index 17.6 days. Color spinning is still based on orders,The market continues to run out of stock.
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