Market situation of Color spinning / Polyester staple Fiber

publishdate:2018-08-02    views:1041
Today, polyester type PTA spot price 6760% Meg spot price 7760, polyester staple fiber price 9495, imitating big price 8120, current polyester staple fiber load 90, polyester staple fiber inventory index 5 days, polyester raw material cost rise 115% PTA price shock uplink Meg price fluctuation uplink. Polyester staple prices fluctuate upward. Yarn category: polyester cotton yarn volume is not large, product prices remain stable. Polyester and viscose 40s/2 trading volume has risen, the price trend has not yet changed. Pure polyester yarn market continues to show a rising trend. Yarn load 64.6, inventory index 17.8 days. ColorSpinning or order-oriented, the market continues to be out-of-stock state.
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