Market situation of Color spinning / Polyester staple Fiber

publishdate:2018-08-10    views:773
Today, polyester type PTA spot price 7350% Meg spot price 7760, polyester staple fiber price 10005, impersonation price 8450, current polyester staple fiber load 90, polyester staple fiber inventory index 5 days, polyester raw material cost drop 17% PTA price shock adjust Meg price shock drop. Polyester staple price shock adjustment. Yarn category: polyester cotton yarn trading volume is still very small, polyester cotton yarn 90 / 10 80 / 20 stable market. Polyester and viscose 40s/2 trading volume has risen, the price trend has not yet changed. The price of some kinds of pure polyester yarn is rising. At present, the price of pure polyester yarn is 32 s / 4Sales of 5 s are better than other specifications. Yarn load 63.5, inventory index 16.8 days. Color spinning or order-based, the market shortage state has improved.
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