Jet Black T32S
Jet Black T32S
price:$ 2330 2240 /T
Super Black Dahua Environmental Special Black
Batch production:25KG
Batch number:
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Product introduction
Product features:

Packing: 25KG/15 barrel

Dry: excellent

Strong CN/TEX:21.5

Defect: 10/10 meters

Color fastness: 4

Product Description: 

black yarn

The product for the general varieties of Chardonnay, to the major colored chemical fiber as the main raw materials, through the process of color spinning yarn, do not need to dye, yarn quality is very good, affordable, knitted, woven dual-use yarn, has a broad market prospects.

Note: 21S On the basis of -800 Yuan / ton,26S in 32S based on -400 yuan /ton,40S on 32S basis +2100 yuan / ton.

black yarnblack yarn

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